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Heidi Bosch Romano is the daughter of a fine artist/opera singer mother and technical illustrator/classical music buff father, a picture from a family photo album shows her as a toddler in diapers with pencil in hand, drawing away. At age nine she could already capture the likeness of people she drew, and by the time she was a teenager, she was especially known for her realistic eyes. She then moved to portraits and eventually studied anatomy honing her skills by taking life drawing classes, in particular learning to draw realistic hands and feet, an area in which her teacher said most artists are weak.

Heidi Bosch Romano A lover of ballet, Heidi's first attempt at working with acrylic paints was a pose from the American Ballet's rendition of "Swan Lake," performed by Russian dancers Barishnikov and Makarova. She's much happier working with oils, or best of all, painting "digitally" with a mouse using her computer. The Bolshoi Ballet is one of her favorite pieces. Another older favorite is a drawing of dancers who were caught in an interesting mid-air pose by a wonderful photographer, Lois Greenfield. Her other pieces include portraits of actors, jazz musicians, book illustrations, nature photography and abstract art in vivid colors.

Here are some of her favorite portraits: Tyrone Power, Grace Kelly, Charlize Theron, and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

One of Heidi's favorite hobbies is designing websites. Her ability grew out of a desire to feature Steve's fantasy airbrush paintings and her own works online. After a friend offered to create an art website for her, but never followed through, she took up the challenge to learn web design. Though most people use pre-programmed standard designs, she still writes and edits her own code to maintain creative control. Recently, she simplified and redesigned all her websites to be mobile fast and friendly.

Steve R. Romano's artistic talents began to bloom in his teens when he started painting space scenes and drawing pictures of the futuristic vehicles he envisioned would fill the world one day. As an adult, he progressed to the currently viewable full-color airbrush paintings of fantasy worlds and lovely ladies that fill his art gallery.

Steve R. Romano To date, Steve has produced over one hundred original works of art, some of which decorate the walls of overseas patrons. Of his many works, he is the most proud of a full-room mural he created for a children's hospital in San Dimas, California. The mural features a life-sized tree with a swing hanging from it, a bear, giraffe and other animals, all against a blue cloudy sky. When visiting the hospital to see how it was received by the children, he was told an amusing story by one of the hospital staff. One day the workers noticed that one of the toddlers who was playing in the room walked up to the mural's swing and kept trying, over and over again without success, to climb into it. This brought a big round of laughter from the adults supervising the children.

In 2006, Steve and Heidi started Lunamont Signs, an online specialty sign company. He loves making hand-crafted signs and is grateful that he studied the techniques of hand-painted signage right out of college. It's a craft that has become a lost art with many companies now using computer generated cut vinyl letters. He's proud that his wonderfully unique hand-painted letters last for many years, long after the vinyl letters of an ordinary sign would have faded, peeled off, or disintegrated.

For recreation, he enjoys many outdoor activities including skiing, fishing, horseback riding, camping and hiking. When they can, he and Heidi also attend renaissance faires and pirate festivals, and their adventures can be viewed on Heidi's website:

In addition to his artistic talents, he is also a published author of several books:

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